Welcome to American Indivisible

Welcome to the roll out of American Indivisible.

American Indivisible was created to respond to the Trump presidency and to the slow erosion of progressive ideas and ideals over the years. We aim to offer analysis of current policies, trends, and rhetoric. More importantly, we aim to provide thoughts and perspectives on how progressive America can chart a path forward in the years and decades to come.

We see that progressive America is energized by the Trump presidency — and we are too. But we see little evidence of a movement. Instead, progressives exist as a series of fractured ideas, disparate gatherings, and isolated statements. We do not articulate a common set of values nor are we pursuing an organized path forward, even as our factions use similar tactics.

American Indivisible seeks to posit a path forward through our own writings and ideas and those of our readers. We believe we need to take back America today, tomorrow, and twenty-five years from now, and we believe this can only be accomplished if progressives come together to establish a common road map founded in action and ideals.

We are excited to get going and pursue the ever evolving work of forming a more perfect Union.

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