American Indivisible was created to respond to the Trump presidency. We are excited by momentum on the political left and the rational Never-Trump right, in particular by the sea of political and community involvement organized and inspired by the Indivisible Guide and its authors. We are here to support the Indivisible movement.

We aim to offer analysis of current policies, trends, and rhetoric. More importantly, we aim to provide thoughts and perspectives on how progressive and Never-Trump America can chart an organized and unified path forward in the years and decades to come.

We believe we need to take back America today, tomorrow, and twenty-five years from now, and we believe this can only be accomplished if progressives come together to establish a common road map founded in action and ideals.

Together, we can work to make our country a more perfect Union.

American Indivisible is not a media source. We will freely edit posts after we have published them so that we can provide the the most useful and up-to-date information possible.

The editors are: lawyers, agency staff and officials in major U.S. cities, community organizers, and former congressional campaign staffers. They have lived and worked in New York, D.C., Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Vermont, and New Jersey.